High-quality standard products for professional and private use

Our product range includes  euro coin holders that make money handling easier, as well as register plate holders. We also manufacture distribution carts that are suitable for many industries. The products are designed for professional use, so they can withstand heavy use.

Licens plate holders and ad strips

Licens plate holders make it easier to attach a license plate or even an advertising sign bearing the company name to a car. The plates are easy to transfer from one car to another, as their holes fit all car brands. The plates are sized according to the standard dimensions of Finnish license plates, so they fit all Finnish license plates, including mopeds and motorcycles.

Cash handling

We manufacture  coin holders designed for euro coins that are popular particularly in the service industry, eg. for waiters, drivers, ticket sellers, and other professionals where the handling of cash is an important part of the job. The use of the coin holder makes it easier to store and handle cash, keeping it safely within reach. Our products related to cash handling can be ordered either individually or in larger quantities.

Delivery carts

Deliver carts serve professionals from different industries in multiple stages where agile transportation is required. The products are designed to withstand even the toughest professional use year after year. Our standard range includes three-wheeled manual distribution carts with either a hard or soft cover. Distribution carts can also be manufactured to meet the specific needs and purposes of our client companies.

Tool bags

The Asoma tool bags are designed for professional use for various installers and repairers. The goal in designing and manufacturing these bags has been to prioritize user comfort and easy accessibility of tools. With our extensive experience as a bag manufacturer and usage of high-quality materials, these bags deliver long-lasting durability.