Reliable contract manufacturing of plastic

Our strength lies in contract manufacturing plastic products according to the customer’s needs and schedule. We offer a flexible approach that makes our collaboration effortless. You can rely on us as a partner who keeps its promises and guarantees delivery reliability in all our projects.

Contract manufacturing

Customer-centric approach from design to production

Our main area of production is to manufacture highly processed technical plastic products according to customer needs and schedule from design to production with precision and quality. Our flexible approach makes collaboration effortless and ensures thorough guidance and support throughout the product life cycle. Our experts are happy to assist in selecting the most suitable materials and production quantities during the design phase to ensure a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Long-term partnerships represent sustainable cooperation lasting for decades

Our customer relations are based on long-term cooperation and partnership. We often participate in the product design process of our customer companies, allowing us to collaborate in ensuring the producibility and costs, and thereby achieving significant savings from small-scale production to batches of a few thousand. Our customers represent leading companies in the automotive and electronics industry, machine and equipment industry, as well as in the medical and healthcare industry.

Our strengths are strong expertise in the field and delivery reliability

Delivery reliability is of great importance to us. We understand that timely delivery and quality of products are key factors for our customers’ success. Our manufacturing processes are smooth and flexible, allowing us to meet our customers’ needs quickly and reliably. With our committed and skilled team, we ensure that we deliver your products on schedule and with the expected quality.

Why choose a vacuum formed plastic product?

From initial part design to a functional end product

Our process is based on a model where our expertise is utilized from the beginning of the product design phase, resulting in a cost-effective and high-quality end result. We assist the customer in the early stages of product development , optimizing the product for our manufacturing technology and helping to select a suitable material. We also use our extensive experience in assembly, procuring fasteners and locking mechanisms..


We are involved in the development of the part to make it suitable for our manufacturing technology early on in the initial design phase. We offer our extensive experience in recommending the right  material for the intended use. Together, we ensure that the final product is functional and durable.

In plastic manufacturing, it is important to understand which end product the plastic component or product being produced will be a part of. We have firm experience in products and components for the automotive and electronics industries, machine and equipment industries, as well as the medical and healthcare industries. Through experience, we have learned to understand the challenges and characteristics of these industries.

We manufacture products in mass in our own production facilities. Our quality control ensures that the products and components are flawless and compliant with all requirements. We manufacture and deliver product batches according to the customer’s needs.

During assembly, we enhance plastic components by incorporating various inserts and fastenings. Or two parts can be attached creating a component.

Vacuum forming

Vacuum forming - a competitive solution for manufacturing of plastic

We produce high-precision, highly processed technical plastic products using vacuum forming, without compromising on quality. The vacuum forming process involves heating a plastic sheet until soft and then draping it over a mold. A vacuum is applied sucking the sheet on to the mold. The advantages of vacuum formed products compared to other manufacturing techniques include lower mold costs, lightweight products, impact resistance, easy shaping, faster product development, and 100% recyclability of the material. Vacuum forming provides an efficient and reliable way to produce high-quality plastic products for different industries. The manufacturing process is relatively quick and efficient, allowing the production of larger quantities in a short period of time.

Durability, lightness, and flexibility for the work machine industry

The work machine industry requires often plastic parts that are durable, lightweight, and chemical resistant while also meeting strict quality and appearance requirements. These plastic parts for work machines can include protective structures, covers, control panel components, or various enclosures.

The flexibility of vacuum forming enables various geometries, which is particularly useful in the machine industry, where parts may be asymmetrical or contain complex details.

The versatility of plastic in the hospital environment

In hospital environment, components that are both functional and hygienic are required. While also meeting strict safety and cleanliness requirements.

Parts manufactured for the hospital environment may include hospital lamps, treatment tables, and patient beds. Plastic parts can be designed to be easily cleaned, resistant to disinfectants, and meet other special requirements of the hospital environment.

Customized plastic products, regardless of industry

Vacuum formed plastic offers many advantages in the manufacturing of various products and machines. It enables the creation of durable, functional, and precisely-shaped parts that meet the requirements of different industries.

We have a long history of manufacturing plastic products and parts, and we help find the best solution and material for our customers based on their specific needs and preferences. Our approach is smooth and cost-effective for all industries.