Building a more sustainable future

Sustainability is more to us than just an obligation to comply. We constantly strive to develop our practices and promote sustainable business. We aim to be part of the solution and create long-term value for the environment, society, and stakeholders. We are proud that sustainability is a central part of Asoma’s operational philosophy.


Sustainable production and environmentally friendly products

Vacuum forming is one of the best methods for plastic production in terms of the environment. All the plastic we use is durable and can be reshaped multiple times by heating. When the plastic product is clean enough, it can be regrinded and recycled into new sheet material and then formed into a new product for the same purpose.

A plastic product that is environmentally sustainable for several decades and can be recycled for a similar purpose is by far the best solution. In our manufacturing process, the  production side streams are grinded and sent to a plastic sheet manufacturing unit, where it is recycled into new sheets. Therefore, the plastic sheets we use in our production usually contain at least 30% recycled material. To ensure the quality of the recycled raw materials, sheets and final products, we only use materials that have regrind from our own process.

When choosing a manufacturing method and material, it’s important to keep in mind that the designed plastic product will most likely end up in the recycling stage many decades later. Recycling will become an even more central part of our operations in the future.

Concrete solutions for the environment - recycling, energy efficiency, and solar power at the factory

We commit to environmental sustainability by managing environmental risks and minimizing our environmental and climate impacts. We recycle all  our production side streams, giving plastic new life in the production of plastic sheets. We improve energy efficiency through renovation projects, such as insulating external walls, roofs, and windows, and using LED lighting. In addition, we have installed a solar power plant on the factory roof, which produces 78 MWh of electricity and reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 10 tons annually for the next 25 years. This way, renewable energy sources are a part of our sustainable manufacturing.

Our personnel is our most important resource – this is how we take care of them

We are committed to the well-being, health, safety and equal treatment of our employees. We offer our staff exercise and recreational benefits, a company bike scheme, and comprehensive occupational health care with health insurance. We also ensure a clean work environment and comfortable social areas, so that the physical work environment supports motivation and job satisfaction. Long careers at Asoma reflect our employees’ satisfaction.

Together towards social sustainability and more sustainable business

We aim to create long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships where both parties benefit. We strive to maintain open communication, share best practices, and work together to develop more sustainable solutions. We engage in ongoing dialogue with our partners, allowing for open and transparent collaboration. We treat our partners equally and our procurement decisions are based on objective criteria such as price, quality, delivery capabilities, and sustainability.

Good governance and high ethical standards guide all of our operations

We are committed to operating ethically, deliberately, and transparently. We strictly adhere to all laws, regulatory guidelines, and directives related to our operations. Financial information is presented accurately, transparently, and in a timely manner. We always compete fairly and honestly, and do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. We handle and maintain customer information confidentially, respecting the privacy of our customers as well as copyrights and trade secrets. We require our business partners to adhere to these same principles.