Effective and innovative contract manufacturing of plastic products

We specialize in vacuum forming plastic, which enables the production of versatile and precisely shaped plastic products.

Contract manufacturing

Flexible and professional contract manufacturing

We offer flexible contract manufacturing of plastic products. We assist you in optimizing the product for the vacuum forming technology. We use our sourcing channels for procuring fasteners and other parts needed for assembly. We manufacture and deliver  quantities based on your needs. Our cooperation is based on trust and by choosing us as your contract manufacturer, you can benefit from our plastic expertise, rely on quality, and guarantee cost-effective production.

We prioritize sustainability in the manufacturing process – it guides all our actions

Sustainability is a central part of our operation as a plastic manufacturer. We are committed to sustainable development and environmental sustainability throughout the production chain. We aim to minimize waste and usage of resources, utilize recycled materials, and develop energy-efficient manufacturing processes. Additionally, we pay attention to the well-being of our employees by offering a safe and healthy work environment and promoting equality and diversity.

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Recycled plastic


Custom manufacturing of plastic products to meet your needs

Durable and safe plastic parts for various sizes of work machines

Hygienic and functional components for medical and healthcare equipment

Innovative and long-lasting plastic products and parts for various industries


Plastic can be environmentally friendly - choose recyclable materials

We offer a wide selection of different materials so that we can select the perfect material according to our customer’s needs and the  requirements of the end product. All of our plastic materials are recyclable, so after their long lifespan, they can still be reused. Material choices are particularly important for the product’s ecological footprint and mechanical properties. By choosing recyclable plastic, you can promote the future circular economy.


Customer experiences speak for themselves - check out our references

Avant Tecno Oy

"The cooperation has been smooth in every respect. Communication works, information is shared transparently, deliveries come on time, and any issues are responded to very quickly and flexibly."

– Kimmo Ylälehto