Asoma on kasvava suomalainen perheyritys jonka erityis­osaaminen on tek­nisten ja pitkälle jalos­tettu­jen muovi­kom­po­nent­tien ja -tuot­teiden myynti sekä sopi­mus­valmis­tus tyhjiö­muovaus­mene­tel­mäl­lä.

Muo­vi­tuote­valmis­tuksen lisäksi Aso­malla on pit­kä­aikainen koke­mus korke­aluok­kai­sten lauk­kujen val­mis­tami­sesta, myyn­nistä sekä kor­jauk­sesta. Va­kio­vali­koimaan kuu­luvien lauk­kujen lisäksi suun­nit­telemme ja valmis­tamme erikois­laukkuja asiak­kaan toi­vei­den mukai­sesti useaan eri käyttö­tarkoi­tukseen.


  • Contract manufactururing

    Flexible manufacturing as agreed

    Asoma is a capable and reliable contract manufacturer. Our main field of output is technically advanced plastic products manufactured to suit the needs and timetable of the customer, taken all the way from the planning stage to final production without compromising on design. Our flexible practices facilitate collaboration and ensure thorough guidance and full support for the customer over the entire life cycle of the product.

  • Finished products

    High standard plastic products
    for professional and private use

    Our diversified, high standard product range includes coin holders to facilitate cash handling and mounting plates for fastening vehicle registration plates and advertising signs. We also manufacture delivery trolleys to serve the the needs of many industries. All products are designed for professional use, therefore they are durable even under tough conditions.

  • Cases

    Superior craftsmanship

    Asoma has long experience of manufacturing, selling and repairing high standard cases dating back to when the company was first established in 1942. Besides a standard range of cases, we continually design new models for a wide variety of purposes according to customer requirements.

  • Company

    Flexible and reliable expertise

    Asoma is a growing family business with production operations permanently established in Finland. We specialize in sales and contract manufacturing of technically advanced plastic components and products by the vacuum forming method. Since our establishment in 1942, we have evolved from a specialised case maker into a pioneer for the entire plastics industry in design, development and manufacturing. Our customers nowadays are typically leading enterprises in the automotive and electronics industry, the engineering and appliance sector, and the hospital and sanitary industry.