High standard trolleys even for tough conditions

Our trolleys serve professionals in many industries and operations. All of our trolleys are manufactured with a view to durability and functionality, and are designed to serve their purpose for several years, even under tough working conditions. Trolley frames are made of durable iron phosphate conversion coated epoxy-painted steel tubing. Tyres are made of unburstable polyurethane.

Asoma trolleys are not only ergonomic, but also pleasing to use. All trolley models incorporate stepless height adjustment and handlebar grips for added comfort.

In our standard collection of trolleys we have have a three wheeled manual trolley with a hard of soft cover. Trolleys can also be manufactured according to our customers’ needs. The trolley can be manual or electrically assisted. Cover and colour options are available.

Our trolleys are used in mail delivery, hospitals and food delivery.

Delivery trolleys