Vacuum forming of the highest standard

Asoma manufactures technically advanced precision components using a vacuum forming method that does not compromise on quality. This method uses heat and negative pressure to shape plastic sheets.

The advantages of vacuuforming over other manufacturing methods include low mould costs, lightweight, shock-resistant and readily shaped products, rapid R&D, and a 100 per cent material recycling rate.

Innovative solutions

The development of thermoregulation, 3D moulding techniques and post-moulding machines has raised vacuum forming to an entirely new level. Products are continually revised and updated in today’s rapidly changing world, and studies show that the minimal start-up costs and rapid R&D phase of vacuum forming have thereby become the key features that are most highly valued by our customers. Vacuuformed products nowadays offer a highly competitive option, ranging from limited editions to series of up to several thousand items.

The quality of a plastic product depends on several minor details that only an experienced professional can manage. Our skilled staff, quality assurance system and modern tooling ensure the highest standard of manufacturing technology. We use single-sided moulds that are budget conscious and quick to manufacture, and we select our mould and plastic materials for the needs of the individual customer based on the size and quality of the production series.

Vacuum forming